PVC Diaphragm Valve

PVC Diaphragm Valve

PVC diaphragm valve is specially used to control non corrosive or general corrosive media. The inner surface of the valve body is unlined or covered with a variety of optional rubbers. It is suitable for different working temperatures and fluid pipelines.

PVC Diaphragm Valve Features

PVC Diaphragm Valve Drawing

1. PVC diaphragm valve is suitable for the transportation of corrosive medium, closure and flow regulation. According to different materials, the service temperature is – 14 ℃ ~ 140 ℃.
2. The flow passage parts are assembled with RPP or PVDF injection parts, which have excellent corrosion resistance.
3. The diaphragm of sealing element is made of F46 or PFA, and its folding times is more than 12000 times, and its corrosion resistance is equivalent to F4.
4. Screw lifting structure is adopted, with large opening and closing torque and good stability.

How to Install PVC Diaphragm Valve

1. When the flange at both ends is connected with the pipeline, the bolts shall be tightened evenly to prevent flange deformation and leakage.
2. Turn the handle clockwise to close, otherwise open.
3. The opening degree can be judged according to the position of the indicator.


 Body MaterialPVC