Sanitary Diaphragm Valve

Sanitary Diaphragm Valve

Sanitary diaphragm vlave is used in fermentor, preparation tank, filling machine, filter, water making equipment, PW, WFI transportation and distribution, fluid transportation and CIP, sip, etc. It is used in biology, food and beverage, fluid equipment and other industries. Find reliable sanitary diaphragm valve here.

Stainless Steel Sanitary Diaphragm Valve Introduction

The opening and closing of stainless steel sanitary diaphragm valve is realized by the up and down movement of stem driven by hand wheel. When the valve stem is in the upper position, the spherical diaphragm bends upward to form the valve conduction state. When the valve stem moves from up to down, it drives the valve core to bend the diaphragm, forcing the diaphragm to close to the valve seat area or the valve seat area, thus closing the flow path of the pipeline. 

It is used to control corrosive or general corrosive media. The inner surface of the valve body is unlined or covered with various kinds of optional rubbers. It is suitable for different working temperatures and fluid pipelines. Mainly used in dairy products, food, pharmaceutical, beer, cosmetics and other industrial fields. All stainless steel sanitary diaphragm valves and media contact parts are mirror polished.

How Does Sanitary Diaphragm Valve Works

The closing and opening of the diaphragm valve is realized by the pressure from the pipeline acting on the reinforced rubber diaphragm. When the pressure medium enters the valve control chamber, the diaphragm is pressed down to close the valve channel. When the pressure in the control chamber is discharged to the atmosphere or downstream pipeline, the diaphragm rises and the valve passage is opened. 

The valve has no stem, gasket, directional seat, etc. the moving part in the channel is the diaphragm, so there is no corrosion and other phenomena, with stability. A variety of structural forms and control forms can be applied to the needs of fluid control.


Valve SizeDN15~DN50
Pressure Class0.6MPa / 1.0MPa / 1.6MPa
MaterialsA351 304 / A351 316 / A351 316L
Design and Manufacturing StandardsDIN / API / AISI
Connection EndWedding / Quick release flange
MediumWater / Oil / Steam
Diaphragm MaterialPTFE / EPDM / NBR