Vaccum Diaphragm Valve

Vaccum Diaphragm Valve

NTGD diaphragm valve can manufacturer variety of diaphram valve, including stainless steel and carbon steel vaccum diaphragm valve

Introduction of Cryogenic(Low Temperature) Ball Valve

vacuum diaphragm valve drawing

The vacuum diaphragm valve uses the valve stem to press the rubber film directly on the valve seat to cut off or connect the vacuum system. The connection forms are looper flange connection, quick release flange connection and welding connection. Welding connection is divided into welding type I connection (welding at both ends) and welding type II connection (welding at one end and inserting at the other end). The suitable working medium is air and non corrosive gas


Valve SizeDN10-DN50
Pressure Class0.6×106 ~ 1.3×10 -4 Pa
MaterialsCarbon Steel, Stainless Steel
Design and Manufacturing StandardsDIN/ API/ AISI
Connecion Endlooper flange, quick release flange and welding
Structure TypeDiaphragm
Suitable MediaAir
Suitable Temp.-29℃~180℃